Thursday, 3 March 2011

Scottish Six

Labour activists have tonight drawn up the shortlist to fill the vacancy left by Wendy Alexander in the new Paisley seat.

They are:
Solicitor Ian Smart, immediate past president of the Law Society of Scotland
Solicitor Mike Dailly, of Govan Law Centre
Edwina Phillips, failed East Renfrewshire council candidate in 2007
Marie Rooney, another of Jim Murphy's activists from East Renfrewshire
Manjinder Shergill, aide to Labour MSP Dave Whitton
Evan Williams, son-in-law of former Labour councillor Olga Clayton

As the son of a former Labour provost in Paisley, Smart is probably the favourite, despite his wonderfully off-message comments, including supporting Megrahi's release and calling Labour's knife crime policy absurd.

There's a husting next week followed by a ballot in time for Labour's spring conference on the 19th, and a nominal Labour majority of 3,811 at the end of it.

Finally, Paul Sinclair, the former Downing Street spindoctor tipped for the selection, was a no-show at tonight's count, and may not even have put himself forward.

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